Dawid Golebiewski

Dawid Golebiewski
Research & Development

Core Community Member of Moonjelly I The DAO for the Ocean.

Starting as a miner in 2013, Dawid went full time into the blockchain industry in 2017. After exiting from his DLT consulting firm in 2018 he has worked with several startups, ICO projects and government agencies on service design and tokenization.

As an avid Speaker and Writer on decentralization as a restorative next step in human evolution, he loves to give keynote speeches that expand any audience's horizon.

As a classically trained scientist and engineer with experience in robotics, automotive simulation and machine learning as well as multiple deep design thinking sprints under his belt, his passion beats for business model design for a new decentralized era, where services can be changed with a minimum of trust and friction, between humans and machines.

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